Improve Your Network

Improving the way your network works

Almost everyone uses a wireless network these days. It’s almost as though we have all become attached to our Wifi. The trick is keeping our Wifi happy. Ever notice how you make one small move, and your Wifi begins to have a hissy fit? However, there are ways around this.

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Ways to keep your connection happy, without costing you anything.

1) Choose a prime location. Your best bet is to use a central location. Central locations give your wireless network the best shot at working. It’s where you will get the strongest signals. Try putting your router above you. Choose a bookshelf near by and put it there./ You will be amazed at how clear and strong your connection really is.


2) This kinda goes along with the first point. Never put your router on the floor. This is bad for a few reasons. Number one, it clutters things up. Number two, people are more prone to tripping over it, even if it is in the corner. Number three, your signal will be weak, if it’s there at all.

3) Use a high-gain antenna, if you use one at all. The other types of antennas will present a few issues. Number one, it will interfere with other things. If you have your antenna facing towards the outside, it will pick up the outside interference more. The high-gain won’t present these issues. The high-gain you can put anywhere, you reception will still be amazing.

4) Cut down on other interfering objects. Take your phone for instance. Does it require a cord? This can be very distracting if it does. Get a phone that does not require a cord. Try using your cell phone more. This cuts down on the interference. Your network won’t need to work as hard if you do it this way. Get rid all cables around your router and adapter. This will also reduce the risk of potential issues.

5) The wireless repeater. Have you every heard of this? This device strengthens the signal which is already present. You can place it anywhere you want. The best place to put it between your access point and your device. The only downside to one of these deals in dragging the performance. Investigate these things thoroughly, before you end up buying. This is not something you will want to waste your money on. Know exactly what you are getting and how it’s going to be of 1

6) Buy from the same guy. If you bought your other devices from one manufacturer, continue this habit. Only invest in someone you trust. Once you find a guy, stick with him. Manufacturers are known to give special deals to their more loyal customers.

In closing, your network is a very simple; and yet, very complex and sensitive beast. It’s a beast that must be tamed. Always update your router. If you have to, try changing your network channel. Changing the channel every so often gives your network some kick. It will allow it to perform at it’s most capable level.